The SCCALE 20-30-50 toolkit includes different guides and briefings to support the creation of local energy communities. It’s a collection of existing knowledge within the community energy movement, and tested techniques used in the 5 pilots of the project. The toolkit is in English, but we have made a summary of its content available in French, Croatian, Greek and Dutch.

Community Energy Inclusivity Guide

Publication Date: 6 December 2023

This guide will help you include a diversity of knowledge, perspectives, information, and ideas in your community energy project. It provides tools and tips, as well as several inspiring examples from cities and citizens who took action to achieve more inclusive and diverse energy communities!


Community Energy Methodology Guide

Publication Date: 1 June 2023

This methodology guide focuses on the citizen engagement side of developing a diverse range of community energy projects. It provides a structured and detailed oversight of all the activities involved in developing a project. Treat it as a guide to help you implement a process and be inspired to engage citizens in your project. Don’t view it as a blueprint that must be followed step by step!


Community Energy Municipal Guide

Publication Date: 1 December 2022

This guide will support municipalities to encourage and implement municipal collaboration with energy communities, or participation in energy communities outside public procurement, but taking into account the public procurement requirements and tendering framework. It will also provide examples from local pioneers to inspire further action.


Financing guide for energy communities

Publication date: January 2023

This guide provides a very first introduction to community energy financing. We strived to make it easy to read and hands-on by sharing 14 practical and recent financing stories of European energy communities.

Financing Community Energy – A short guide for banks

Publication date: January 2023

This short guide is an invitation for bank and other financial institution representatives to get to know community energy as a stable and yet future oriented field of activity. It will encourage them to learn more about renewable energies and related energy services that remain in the hands of citizens and municipalities, and inspire to set up collaborations with energy communities.

Policy recommendations

Publication date: June 2023

In this report we are taking a closer look at the context for energy communities in SCCALE 203050 pilots countries.  We used cases and stories from our project and network to show what works well at the moment and what still needs further improvement to unleash the full potential of community energy.

Policy briefings

Publication date: March 2024

In these short briefings, you will find a summary of the main challenges for energy communities in the Netherlands, Croatia, France, Belgium (Flanders) and Greece. Based on SCCALE 20 30 50 pilots’ experience, we also suggest recommendations on how to address those challenges. Each country briefing is available also in the national language! Go to our resources section to download the translated versions.

Monitoring Tool

Publication date: 9 June 2023

This self assessment tool will allow you to monitor the progress of your community’s development, but also its impact and effectiveness. We advise you to use it together with SCCALE 20 30 50 methodology guide.