Les Économes, France

Les Économes is an ambassador program in France that supports energy communities to look into energy sobriety and collective purchasing. It aims to trigger behavioural change in the residential sector through peer-to-peer training and effective communication.


The pilot is located in the Ile-de-France region, which is the most inhabited (12 million people) and densely populated region in France. The region is the largest urban territory in France but includes also an important share of rural activities. The level of incomes in the region is also very diverse, with Paris and some suburbs gathering a huge part of wealth while the average poverty rate in the area is 15.6%. There is a rising level of environmental awareness, which can be seen by the growing average percentage of votes received by the green party in France. There are approximately 10.000 members of Enercoop in the region.


The Économes Program is based on the recruitment and involvement of approximately 20 members of Enercoop volunteering to constitute the pilot community in Ile-de-France. They will be trained by the Energy Services and the cooperation team of Enercoop to get enough knowledge about energy savings & group animation to be involved in shaping the program and target interested audiences, create new tools and any other help needed for the benefit of the program. They also will be main contributors to the shaping of a legal entity supporting their activities. 


Goal Number 01

Creating a collective citizen group taking action for energy savings and raising awareness about energy sobriety 

Goal Number 02

Reaching energy savings of 20% in the households involved 


Organizing collective purchasing actions