Hyperion II, Greece

Electra Energy Cooperative is looking to involve more citizens in their collective self-consumption solar energy community, Hyperion. They will work with other energy communities and public and private entities in the region of Attica (Athens) to raise awareness, build capacities, and help facilitate the replication of Hyperion in other sites – starting with Hyperion II.


The population of the broader Attica region is approximately 3 828 434. Athens is a car-centric city, facing high levels of air pollution. Many citizens of Athens/Attica face energy poverty due to improper housing insulation and general financial insecurity. Rising gas and petrol prices further contribute to this phenomenon. In addition, most people live in blocks of flats, thus they are unable to utilise their rooftops for solar panel installations. As Greece is undergoing a transition to renewable energies, a fierce political debate has emerged about whether this transition risks perpetuating the social inequalities of the fossil energy system, by concentrating power and wealth into the hands of a few private investors.

This is often manifested in outright resistance to renewable energy projects (mostly wind parks), which are considered anti-democratic ‘quick-cash’ schemes. Through collective investments in solar projects, Hyperion II will reduce the price per participant through economies of scale, unlock collective access to other energy efficiency tools, such as insulation, look for available space and use the Virtual-Net-Metering model. The project will provide a clear alternative to the oligopoly of large renewable energy players, by placing energy in the hands of citizens.


Goal Number 01

Scale up Hyperion to reach 500kwp production and more than 160 members

Goal Number 02

Include energy poor households

Goal Number 03

Include other underrepresented social groups (e.g., women, refugees)

Goal Number 04

Replicate the model in other locations