OUT NOW SCCALE 20-30-50 Community Energy Municipal Guide

The Community Energy Municipal Guide will help local authorities navigate the many roles they can play to support the development of energy communities in their area. 

It is essential that Europe stops its addiction to fossil fuels. This would not only benefit the environment, but can be a major dirver for local development. Crucial in all this, however, is that citizens and local government in collaboration with other local actors, can  invest in local renewable energy projects. Examples across Europe that this is feasible do exist! They also demonstrate that it is important that citizens engage with municipalities and vice versa. Most successful community energy projects in Europe are those where groups of citizens collaborate with local authorities. Local or regional governments have everything to gain from promoting the scale-up of community energy in their area and can initiate new initiatives. However, despite the growing popularity of the concept across Europe, many cities are still struggling to move from ideas to action. Many local municipalities have committed to energy or climate targets but reaching these can be challenging. Often the ideas come easily, but making things happen is trickier.

This guide wants to address this problelm! It presents the different ways municipalities can work with their residents to kickstart and support community energy projects! It builds on the most relevant publications on the topic and includes many examples form all over Europe to inspire further action.

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