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Finding money for community energy is not an easy task. These two guides can help citizens and financing institutions to know more about it.

Finding finance for your community energy project is hard. That applies to all of us. That is why we developed a financing guide for energy communities, but also a guide for banks – so that they too can learn more about the great potential held by community owned renewables and hopefully finance more projects.

A guide for energy communities

Financing community energy projects is more than just making sure that the right amounts of money flow in and out of the project. It is also highly linked to questions like “how do we safeguard our autonomy?”, “how do we facilitate access to our community in a way that allows everyone to participate?”, “how do we see our community evolve in the short and in the long run?” and “how do we want to approach potential members of our community?” A financing approach that does not match with the philosophy of the renewable energy projects of the community and with the wishes of the members, will impede the development of the energy community. With this guide, we want to provide you with a very first introduction to community energy financing.

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A guide for banks

This short guide is an invitation for bank and other financial institution representatives to get to know community energy as a stable and yet future oriented field of activity. It will encourage you to learn more about renewable energies and related energy services that remain in the hands of citizens and municipalities, and inspire you to set up collaborations with energy communities. As a first introduction, it will cover the main questions financiers might ask themselves before funding community energy projects.

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