Meet SCCALE replication sites: CommonEN

CommonEn was pioneered by SCCALE 20 30 50 partner Electra Energy and the research organisation Peer to Peer Lab. Starting as a replication test case for the virtual net metering model, this initiative is now one of the most advanced energy communities in Greece.

Despite operating two 100 kWp solar parks for more than 12 months, the supplier refused to cooperate in facilitating the metering process, thus members kept paying their bills with no incurred benefits. However, in February 2024, the situation finally improved, marked by CommonEn’s members finally starting to receive negative energy bills. This milestone underscores the successful operationalisation of virtual net metering, granting the community’s members independence from market forces and the ability to produce their own clean electricity.

This achievement marked a historic milestone for energy democracy in Greece thanks to months of advocacy efforts by CommonEn, Electra Energy, and tens of other energy communities from across the country, who decried that suppliers were not complying with the model.

The work of CommonEn exemplifies the principle of inter-cooperative solidarity. Project beneficiaries include households, one vulnerable family who will be receiving electricity for free, and a few small businesses and cooperatives.

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