Inclusive power: Changing how we think about cities and energy access

In this new episode of City Stories’ SCCALE 20-30-50 series, we talked about how cities and communities can foster a more inclusive energy transition with Kata Tütto, Deputy Mayor at the City of Budapest and Antonia Proka, Project Manager at and lead author of SCCALE Inclusivity Guide for Energy Communities. 

Kata and Antonia comes from different worlds, but share a desire to change things for the better, break up traditional structures for more openness and tolerance. In this podcast you will learn about:

  • The first steps (and struggles) of the city of Budapest for a more participatory approach to energy and transport
  • How energy communities are progressing towards becoming more gender diverse and overall inclusive of people with different abilities, cultural and economic backgrounds
  • The work of two trailblazing women towards a more inclusive energy transition.

Listen to the episode.

Picture by John Schaidler  (Unsplash)