How can public procurement pave the way for energy communities?

In this new episode of our SCCALE 20-30-50 podcast series, we bring you to Spain, where we talked about green public procurement with Efren Guillò Sansano, Head of Innovation at the Spanish cooperative Grupo Enercoop 

Efren presented their collaboration with the city of Crevillent that allowed them to install solar PV on the roofs of many public buildings. This was made possible thanks to public procurement: after a very first positive experience with the energy cooperative, who was authorised to use a plot of land owned by the city for 4 years to install solar panels, the city issued a tender for a concession contract of 75 years for most of municipal buildings’ roofs! A key tender criteria was that the 80% of the energy produced by the installations had to be shared with the inhabitants of Crevillent. Efren shared that social criteria are also used by Spanish public authorities to make sure part of the energy is shared with vulnerable customers.

The project started with 65 households but it is envisaged to include up to 30 000 locals in the long run to cover around 50% of the city’s electricity needs. Activities include collective self consumption and storage, electricity sharing via a blockchain based app and educational activities for citizens.

Listen to the episode.


Photo by Quesada – CC BY-SA 3.0