CommonEn efforts for inclusive citizen engagement

Electra Energy Cooperative is supporting CommonEn, one of SCCALE 20 30 50 replication sites, to grow and include as much people as possible in the energy transition of the City of Ioannina (Greece)

CommonEn organised an event on 26th June to informed citizens on the concepts of community energy and energy democracy, but also to present their most recent achievement: they completed two 100kwp solar parks and are planning a 500kwp solar park for collective self consumption, as well as the first community led agrivoltaic in Greece.

The event gathered around 30 people and some of them were parents with their kids. In an effort to be more inclusive, CommonEN and Electra hired a daycare worker to look after young children. This action allowed higer active participation of couples and single parents and was highly praised by the participants. Kids had the chance to play together and create new bonds, contributing to a stronger social cohesion amongst the members.

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