Collaboration vs Competition: promoting a faster, just, and clean energy transition

Join us online on June 12th at 9:30 to discuss how to promote a just and clean energy transition

In the framework of the EU Sustainable Energy Week, SCCALE 20 30 50 is organising, together with the EU funded project LifeLOOP the session “Collaboration versus competition: promoting a faster, just, and clean energy transition”.

The objective of the session is to discuss the pivotal role of local renewable energy initiatives in contributing to net zero solutions fostering a just and faster energy transition. The session will focus on how the active participation of citizens and local governments in the energy market can be empowered through the implementation of the Clean Energy Package and the Fit for 55 Package provisions for energy communities and be impacted by the revised Electricity Market Design and National Energy and Climate Plans.

More information on the session is available here