CINEA Green Talks

SCCALE will be presented at CINEA’s Green Talks 2022.

During a series of events organised by CINEA for the EU Commission, SCCALE 203050’s project coordinator, Daan CREUPELANDT, will present the project in a broader discussion about the importance of scaling up the community energy movement throughout Europe.

The CINEA Green Talks is an internal initiative organised in CINEA, involving a number of sessions related to the Green Deal implementation.

The goal is to build capacity on ongoing and recent policy developments relevant to CINEA staff, and to show examples of projects relevant to those developments, highlighting  the synergies between different programmes managed by CINEA in specific areas.

The session where SCALE 203050 will be presented is  specifically looking at renewable energy.


– Antonio LOPEZ-NICOLAS, ENER C.1, Deputy HoU (Renewables and Energy System Integration Policy)

– Céline FRANK, MARE.A2, Policy Officer (Blue Economy, Maritime Space and Environment)

– Daan CREUPELANDT, Coordinator of SCCALE 203050,

– James MURRAY, Coordinator of FORWARD-2030, Orbital Marine Power

– Dainis KRŪZE (tbc), Coordinator of AERONES, SIA Aerones Engineering

– Daniel MARAVER, Policy Feedback Coordinator, CINEA, Unit C2